Diamond epitaxial layer for power device application

We have developed the growth of diamond layers on diamond substrate  for more than 15 years. Our know-how enables us to control the doping and the thicknesses of material with a unique precision and quality. Today, we manage to grow diamond at the state of the art with electronic quality. We can provide bare-die device ready material from regular volume for industrial companies to single substrate structures for university and R&D labs.


Diamond is a next generation semiconductor material for high power electronic application with their unique electrical and thermal properties. Diamond is also ideal for high temperature device applications. DiamFab’s expertise in diamond epitaxy builds on more 15 years of experience. Since the beginning we have developed original concepts to control growth and doping up to metallic conduction.

Advantages and benefits

Currently, diamond involves an important investment and is in competition with other materials (SiC and GaN). However, the expected performances are better allowing to company working in power conversion a net size reduction of the component, and a race to high voltage and high current. With the future society which will request a high efficiency for energy and a worldwide distribution, diamond as new material is a unique candidate.