About Us

Who we are ?

DiamFab is a pre-incubation company from Institut Néel laboratory in Grenoble, France.  Involved in several domains related to wide band gap semiconductors, our group has developed a recognized know-how in the growth of diamond layers on diamond substrate for more than 15 years. Our know-how enables us to control the doping and the thicknesses of material with a unique precision and quality which allow us to grow “electronic grade” diamond.  Therefore DiamFab will enhance this expertise to provide bare-die device ready material from single substrate structures for university and R&D labs to regular volume for industrial companies.

Four members of the wide band gap semiconductor group of Institut Néel laboratory are involved in DiamFab project: Etienne Gheeraert (Scientific Expert), Julien Pernot (Scientific Expert), David Eon (Project Manager) and Gauthier Chicot (Semiconductor Expert).


Three reactors have been dedicated to diamond growth in a hydrogen/methane microwave plasma cavity. With these reactors, plasma working at medium pressure drives heating of gas phase by electrons allowing high surface temperature and reactive species creation. We also add diborane gas to dope the semiconductor up to metallic transition. However, to avoid cross contamination, each reactor is dedicated to specific studies. The most recently installed  is devoted to low doped and thick diamond layers for power devices. Recently, we also developed in situ studies with the help of a spectroscopic ellipsometer. This optical device can be easily installed on reactors to measure in real time, the thickness, the roughness and in some cases the doping level. Diamond growth studies are consequently expanding into hitherto unexplored regimes, and a new approach to control the processes is being established.